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What is Tawaf And Types Of Tawaf?

What is Tawaf And Types Of Tawaf?

Tawaf is circumambulating the Holy Ka’abah seven times, which starts from Hajr-e-Aswad (the black stone around one corner of Ka’abah) in a counter clockwise direction. Each circumambulation gets to completion when a person returns back to Hajr-e-Aswad. If possible, a person should approach to touch or kiss Hajr-e-Aswad, if not, he can just point towards it with his right hand.

After completing the circumambulation seven times, a person should continue to move in a counter clockwise direction till he reaches to his exit point.

How many Types Of Tawaf are there:

There are seven types of Tawaf;

  • Tawaf-ul-Qudoom: Tawaf e qudoom, It is performed when a person arrived at Makkah whether for Hajj, Umrah, Business or a visit. It is also called a welcome Tawaf. It is sunnah for Aafaaqi (who lives outside Makkah) who performs Hajj Ifraad or hajj Qiraan and it is not a Sunnah for those who are performing Hajj Tammatu or Umrah even if they are an Aafaqi.

Aisha said, “The first thing the Prophet (ﷺ) did on reaching Mecca, was the ablution and then he performed Tawaf of the Ka`ba and that was not `Umra (alone), (but Hajj-al-Qiran).” http://www.gowister.com/hadith/bukhari/1582/

  • Tawaf-ul-Ziarah:
  • It is also called Tawaf-ul-Rukn or Tawaf-ul-Hajj. It is performed by all pilgrims who are undertaking the Hajj. This Tawaf is mandatory. Hajj would be invalid, if it is not performed. It can be performed from the dawn of 10th Zil haj to 12th Zil haj.
  • Tawaf-ul-Wada (Tawaf-e-Sadr):

It is a farewell Tawaf and performed as a final ritual of Hajj when a pilgrim leaving Makkah. It is wajib. Prophet ﷺ said: “Let none of you leave Makkah before making a Tawaf around the Ka’abah, as the last of Hajj riteshttp://islamhelpline.net/node/4759

  • Tawaf-ul-Nafl:
  • Tawaf-ul-Nafl is an optional tawaf but it is better than performing a nafl salaat. It can be performed at any time and as desired. Perform Tawaf as much as you can, when you are in Makkah because this privilege cannot be gained anywhere in the world.
  • Tawaf-ul-Umrah:
  • Tawaf-ul-Umrah is a part of Umrah and performed as a ritual of Umrah. It is obligatory for the one who performs Umrah.
  • Tawaf-ul-Nazr:
  • If a person pledged that he will perform Tawaf if his desire is fulfilled by Allah. Then, he must have to perform this Tawaf if Allah fulfills that desire.
  • Tawaf-ul-Tahiyaah:

It is performed when a person enters in Haram. Tawaf-ul-Tahiyaah is Mustahib.

After Tawaf, the person has to offer two units behind Maqam-e-Ibrahim (if possible, otherwise they may offer that two units prayer anywhere in the mosque).

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