Perform Umrah in Ramadan

Perform Umrah in Ramadan

After Hajj, Muslims prefer to perform Umrah and Umrah in Ramadan has its own significance in Islam. The Prophet (P.B.U.H) himself tells the importance of the Umrah during the holy month of Ramadan  as this month has got enormous virtues. There are many sayings of Prophet (P.B.U.H) on the significance of Umrah in Ramadan as He said,

“Umrah in Ramadan is equal (in Reward) to a pilgrimage with me.”

[Reported by Al-Bukhari]

As we know that the blessing for one good deed in Ramadan is increased up to 70 times and in Mecca the reward for one good deed is equal to one hundred thousand. This is the motivation for Muslims to perform their Umrah in Ramadan and Ramadan‘s prayers in Mecca & Medina. The soul of Muslims feel relax when they end their fasting in front of Mustajab (one of Kaaba wall) with Holy Abe Zam Zam and dates. Listening and recitation of Holy Quran in in sweet voice of Imam e Kaaba in Namaz e Traweeh also pleases the soul.

Consider all this, Al-Khair arranges the Umrah packages for Ramadan 2016. We provide best Umrah packages for you which helps you to focus on your religious obligations.

Let be your companion of your Holy Journey. May Allah Almighty accept  your journey, sacrifices and Shower you with His Blessings.