An Authentic Partner in Travel Management & Services - Al.Khair

An Authentic Partner in Travel Management & Services

An Authentic Partner in Travel Management & Services

Al.Khair is renowned as one of the Pakistan’s top Travel agency in terms of market share and has earned several recognitions from most operating Airlines, Hotels and different local and international instituations. Serving individual and corporate sector with complete Travel Services nationwide.

Travel services offered by Al. Khair includes; passenger’s booking and reservation for all types of flights, both domestic and international flights. Boarding and Lodging facilities, group plans and packages, complete transportation fascilities during the travel plan, other reservation services during the stay at any tourist destinations, tourist travel information, guide and much more.

We believe in Premium services to offer the luxury and comfort to our customers at each step of their journey. Travel can be for holidays and relaxation or it can be for a work purpose; in both the cases comfort and ease plays the key role. To provide travellers with seamless arrangements to maximize their travel experience.A quality itinerary and travel plan is arranged either for vacation or business trip. We have the team of expert coordinators who takes special care of the tourist from departure to their arrival back.

Today, a travel company or a travel agency cannot concentrate solely on booking airline tickets and offering hotels and accommodation, but need to be more focused on their different services that are diverse and comprehensive, covering wide-ranging areas such as passenger assistance, consultancy, cost optimisation, communication and other technological aspects.

 Any company who requires the services of a travel management agency, it not only seeks someone to manage its travel arrangements, since this can be done internally without much trouble using online tools, but also has other needs and expectations for which they approach us. We believe as a Travel agency, our role and responsibility is to be an authentic partner for their clients and provide them optimum ease and comfort throughout their travel journey.

 Al. Khair Travel Management

 Our core function and the one for which our team is 24/7 engaged is to well organise business travel plans, holiday plans and vacations for family and corporate organization.  Our services includes the management and reservation of transportation, tickets, hotels and resorts booking for accommodations,  excursions and site seeing bookings, car rentals, tour guide etc.

Although many travel agents offer these kind of services but what sets us apart is the adaption of new technologies that have significantly changed the way these tasks are carried out, such as; price comparisons or strategies for obtaining deals and discounts that benefits our clients and makes their trip cost effective.

2) Al. Khair Passenger assistance

   We ensure our client experience safe travels and do not face any sort of issue throughout their journey. Sometime unfortunately, there may be many unforeseen problems and issues which need to be resolved and out team and coordinators good care to resoleve the same. Likely, repatriation due to illness, emergency, lost luggage or documents, etc.

3) Al. Khair Consulting

 We offer the best guide and travel consulting services related to your travel plan in which visa policy and procedure is the most important of all for Pakistani Passport holders travelling to different countries worldwide. Other field of interest are hotels booking sites information, boarding lodging and distances, policies and cost effective packages etc.

4) Modern Technology Incorporated

With change and advancement in modern living and services worldwide, we at Al. Khair believe that proper updated use of technology is vital at each step not only for comparison of travel services (tickets, accommodation, etc.) or locating travellers in extreme situations sepcially during our Hajj days.

5) Al. Khair Leisure Services

 We have the expert team who works for the best travel and leisure plans that’s gives best travel experience for our clients.  From best hotels and luxury accommodation to best sites and destinations, food, shopping and other activities are duly incorporated in the packages we offer.

With the comprehensive management of corporate travel plans, holidays destination plans, visa guidance and support,  we aim to achieve the goal of giving added valuable service to our customers in order to meet their expectations to the next level.

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