Private Umrah Packages

Private Umrah Packages

Private Umrah packages and deals are increasingly encouraged in view of the emerging role of private and public travel agencies. Hajj and Umrah operators are regulating different private Umrah packages 2023 throughout the year. Featuring different categories like five star Umrah packages, four-star Umrah packages, luxury Umrah packages, premium Umrah packages, economy & budget Umrah Packages, private Umrah packages, value offer Umrah packages and more. These private & Luxury  Umrah packages provide a platform for customers to choose their own custom private Umrah packages as per their requirement and schedule. This step has eased the travel and more and more people are now availing these luxury Umrah packages.

Private Umrah Packages - Al-Khair

We at Al-Khair serve the pilgrims in performing Umrah and thereby facilitate with different services with ease. Our Services and private Umrah packages are inclusive of visa, meals, tickets, accommodation, transport, Zia’rat, hotels with different travel distance from Haram; both in Mecca and Medina and ease of family rooms and more.

Al-Khair serves the Umrah pilgrims inside Pakistan and abroad if they wish to perform Umrah with their family and Friends. Al-Khair offers different private Umrah packages to the Umrah pilgrims from Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar and other major cities. Also we cater Umrah services for Pilgrims living in Dubai and several other destinations.

Al-Khair is known for its reliable service during the season of Umrah and Hajj. Our hotels in Saudi Arabia are the best choice for decades.

Our services and private Umrah packages are more ethical and up to the moral standards for helping pilgrims fulfilling this obligation of Islam and at Al-Khair every pilgrim is valued as a family and we ensure valuable service at a reasonable cost, time and management.


Different Private Umrah Package 2023 offered by Al-Khair, aims to assist and coordinate the activities of UMRAH Pilgrims and provide support throughout their travel.