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Plan Your Short Hajj With Al-Khair

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Plan Your Short Hajj With Al-Khair

Hajj is fardh on every sane, healthy, and financially stable Muslim.But the problem arises for working and employed people as they are not able to take a long break from the employment of 40 days for Hajj. Al-Khair facilitate them with their  Short Hajj packages.

Al-Khair provides various Short Hajj packages from Pakistan including 13 days, 17 days, 21 days, and 23 days. And not to worry about the completion of your Hajj manasiks. We have complete planning for your Holy obligation that you’ll perform the Hajj devotedly in limited days according to its principles. In short Hajj packages, Al-Khair arrange five star and four star hotels in Mecca and Medina and in Mina we‘ll provide comfortable camps, sofas, best food and many such facilities which provides ease and comfort to you while performing your prayers.

Al-Khair packages are customized according to individual needs. Plan your short hajj package as per your requirement.  With Al-khair  plan your package today and experience the difference and travel comfort through out your journey.

Request a call back from Hajj Team  48-72 hours.