The accurate meaning of word Ihram in the Arabic language is “Haram” (to restrain yourself). Because by the law of Allah the person who is wearing Ihram (called Muhrim) has to restrain himself from certain allowed and Halal activities of Islam like wearing sewn clothes (for men), apply olive oil in the hair, hunting in the forest, etc.

You can say that Ihram is the uniform or prerequisite for Hajj and Umrah which must be worn by pilgrims in a prescribed manner as described by Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) instead of normal clothes. Ihram consists of two pieces of unsewn clothes, one for upper body and one for lower body (for men).  The Ihram for both Hajj and Umrah is the same but different for men and women.

Method of Putting Ihram and Its Prerequisite:

The method of wearing Ihram for Hajj and Umrah is the same but differs in the intention of wearing.

  • Trim your nails if needed because this act is Haram (not allowed in Ihram).
  • Take a bath (according to Faraiz).
  • Perform Ablution.
  • Use Miswak.
  • Apply fragrance as after wearing Ihram you are restricted to use perfume
  • Now Take Ihram (Two pieces of unsewn clothes), one for upper body which is used as a shawl and second for lower body which will be worn like “tahbands”.
    Take Ihram of towel clothing as it will be easy in movement rather than any other fabric. It is advisable to take a big shawl for Ihram, this will help you to cover the body properly.
  • Remove all the sewn clothes even cap hand gloves, socks etc.
  • You may also take a belt with a zipper wallet for Ihram to keep your passports and money with you. The nylon belt is durable and reliable.

Video Tutorial Of Wearing Ihram

Ihram for Women:

Women are not restricted to wear unsewn clothes. They wear their usual clothes with hand gloves and socks. The Ihram for women is to cover their head properly with scarf or else and not to cover their faces.

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