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When Will be Hajj 2020

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When Will be Hajj 2020

Hajj is fard (compulsory) on every eligible (eligibility measuring indicated by Sharia Law.) Muslim. Muslims over the worldwide turn into the visitors of Allah and the most honored individuals. The time spent in Ka’aba is the blessed span of the whole life of any individual. Hajj is performed in the month of Zul-Hijjah (the last month of Islamic year/calendar) every year. The solar dates or month parallel to Zul-hijja vary every year. 8th of Zul-Hijja has considered as the first day of Hajj and the last day of Hajj is 12th Zul-Hijjah. These five days of  Hajj amid your entire visit to Mecca and Medina. The five days of Hajj 2019 will start from 8th  of  Zul-Hijja 1437H as per Islamic Principles.

The dates of Hajj 2019 – 1440 according to English calendar will be  8th  or 9th August 2019 Insha Allah.

By teachings of Islam each day of Hajj has its own particular deep sense of being, name and spirituality. The name of 5 days are:

1st day:

8th Zul-Hijjah – Yaumut Tarwiyah

2nd Day:

9th Zul-Hijjah – Yaumul Wuquf

3rd Day

10th Zul-Hijjah – Yaumun Nahr

4th Day:

11th Zul-Hijjah – Ayyamut Tashriq

5th Day:

12th Zul-Hijjah – Ayyamut Tashriq

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