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Italy is famous for its spectacular city life, ancient ruins, museums, architectural beauty, natural scenery, soaring mountains and great beaches. It’s also famous for renaissance and the incredible artists it produced. From the famous Amalfi coast to Italian lakes, fashion capital Milan and Venice the world famous tourist spot, Italy has many sites to discover. Pompeii needs no introduction. Historical landmarks in Florence and Rome speaks about the wonderful era of history and its people. Italy; also famous for shopping, fashion, luxury brands, its opera and its language. Moreover the football team of Italy is world famous. There are many Italian things that reflects Italian culture and style you can come across while you walk down the streets. From famous Pasta to Italian pizzas and Italian famous Gelato are a must try! No wonder all packed in one, it features in the travel bucket lists of every wanderer.

 Things to explore and discover in Italy                                                

Italy is for all.There is something unique and exciting for everyone in this country. A traveler who visits once wishes to come back again and again. There are many reasons that makes it one the world famous toursit spot for everyone.

Reasons to Visit Italy

1. Landmark cities

Italy is sincerely proud of being a home to many gorgeous world-famous Italian cities that beholds numerous gems and astounds any traveler’s imagination. From stunning art and cultural metropolises like Rome and Florence, to Venice and Milan (Milano), Italy swarms with magnificent destinations from north to south region. The magnificent cities are surrounded by majestic cathedrals and historical monuments, museums and miraculous buildings and streets to walk by. The friendly southern towns and villages such as Ravello, Amalfi, Positano and Sorrento offers an unparalleled coastal vibe with charming winding streets surrounded by colorful Mediterranean houses. Whatever the Italian region or city you choose you can never forget the site as every site in Italy leaves an unforgettable memories behind. Some locations here  are hard to resist visiting,even if you don’t like historic excursion and architectural sites; like the sheer sized Colosseum, a four-story tall circular amphitheater that reflects the Roman empire’s power and engineering process.

The leaning tower of Pisa, the miraculous building still surviving without tipping over decades.

The magnificent eerie city of Pompeii, near Naples, a Roman city which was buried under a sudden lava eruption, preserved as entirely solid and intact is another famous tourist spot.

Adding one of the famous romantic sites; Venice and its boat rides – One of the reason to travel Northern Italy is the magnificent Palazzo Ducale.

2. The cradle of arts and heritage

A Hub of Historical Buildings and a land rich in heritage, Italy is one of those places who have kept the legacy alive of all those wonderful architects, artists, scientists, engineers, and inventors, who changed the world.  Among the most famous names from Italy, we have Marco Polo, Galileo, Leonardo da Vinci, Cristoforo Colombo,   and inventors such as Marconi and Fermi and many more.

If you are a history fanatic and want to explore the real European cultural heritage, then Italy is a home to more than any site in Europe which has no equals anywhere in the world. Some beautiful Roman and Byzantine empires and undeniable monuments empires ruling the place all those centuries back are a must visit.

The collection of immortal Italian art by the famous artist can be witnessed at the the Borghese Gallery in Rome, the Gallerie dell’Accademia in Venice, the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, the Sistine Chapel in Vatican –

Must-visit galleries in Italy:

  • The Vatican Museums in Vatican city
  • The Gallerie dell’Accademia in Venice
  • The Uffizi Gallery in Florence
  • The Borghese Gallery in Rome

3. Magnificent landscapes and sites

A mesmerizing tourist attraction with snow-capped peaks of the Alps blends peacefully with the orange groves of Sicily, no doubt Italy has them all and it’s one of the beautiful destination in Europe. Besides, the fascinating and green-yellow vineyards of Tuscany and Lazio as well as the ravine-cut lands of Basilicata are no less to add more beauty to this country.

A real treasure of Italy are the magnificent lakes. Lakes Como and Garda, set in Lombardy, are very famous tourist sites however, Central Italy also boasts such lakes of volcanic origin as Bracciano, Albano, Bolsena and Vico.

If you love beach vacations than the longest coastline in Europe offering the exotic glimmering turquoise beaches in Italy would leave you speechless. The island of Sardinia and the spectacular beach like the Spiaggia Della Pelosa, where the sand is pure white and the water and the serenity keeps you wander on these shores.

So planning an unparalleled beach holiday while basking under the sun with azure blue sea; Italy has almost 20 regions that have access to the sea.

4. Exceptional food

Italian food is no doubt a foodies’ paradise.  From famous Italian Pizzas, ravioli, risotto, and of course the very famous pasta, Gelato, desserts and coffee to name a few. It also offers few authentic world-famous delicacies and cuisines to feast and treat.  We can see you already have your mouth-watering?

5. Exquisite fashion & shopping

 Italy offers the most famous shopping arena in Europe, its truly a kingdom of shopping and an honored trend-maker for world’s fashion headed by the capital of fashion, Milan. Famous brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, and Prada are true essence of Italy. Besides, it has a lots of outlets that offer discounts and sales. Shopping is quite hard to resist, isn’t it? So plan your Italay trip andlet your dream come true.

6. Carnivals, festivals and celebrations

Italian carnivals and celebrations are truly filled with with colors and sounds. The festivals in Italy are something special. The renowned Venetian Carnival with the signigficant attribute of this festive event, Italian masks which are adored all across the world.  Besides there is a lot happening, from the Game of the Bridge to historic Regatta and Calcio Florentino, we bet you would love to see all other traditional festivities, So what are you waiting for? Just a few miles away; Italy here we come.

7. It’s budget friendly

 Italy has something to offer to everyone. Low or high in budget you can plan according to the season as the spring and early autumn prices are higher as compare to the other months. So plan wisely and get the most out of your budget.

8.Always more to amaze

The country will never stop to amaze with its diversity and leave you awestruck regardless of how many times you’ve been to Italy in past, you will fall in love more and more with every visit in this incredible,multifaceted country.   Let the grand Italian journey begin and explore thesunny paradise of Europe within the sheer beauty of Rome,Venice, Milan and Florence, which are worth every penny and second but don’t forget the tiny little towns, tucked into cliffs and lakesides as well.

 With so many reasons to visit Italy, it surely doesn’t leave one skeptical. A land that fascinate and broaden the horizons and its worth the visit at least once in a lifetime.

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