Umrah Regulations and SOPs for 2021

Umrah Regulations and SOPs for 2021

Millions of Muslims use to perform Umrah every year, unfortunately this year 2020, Umrah got restricted from February and pilgrims were restrained from travelling due to Covid-19 pandemic.

However, since November 2020, Saudi Arabia announced the opening of Umrah visas followed by rules, Umrah regulations and SOPs to be followed by the pilgrims.


Umrah packages were announced followed accordingly and we have incorporated ande adopted the new way toperform umrah post Covid-19 by ensuring rules and SOPs for all the reservations and booking of Umrah pilgrims.

Though it seemed quite uneasy and difficult how to incorporate Umrah Packages with these regulations and SOPs, but Alhamd o lillah with the grace of Allah our pilgrims travelled with all SOPs and performed Umrah 2020 with ease and comfort.

Our team did a fantastic work by Learning New Rules & SOPs and ensuring our pilgrims do not have any hassle and issue at any point. Our Team was available 24/7 for guidance and support of all pilgrims to ensure hassle free umrah post covid-19 under new rule and SOPs implemented by Saudi Authorities.-

Number of pilgrims are limited and policies are revised as per the law and following the current Covid pandemic situation and cases.

It’s important that your agent should be well aware and follows all the rules set by Saudi Arabia and the Umrah Packages 2021 designed must observe the SOPs and regulations for 2021 Umrah.

At least it’s a happy moment for pilgrims who are eagerly awaiting for the Umrah reopening and want to perform Umrah in the year 2021.Al Khair has partnered with the bets Saudi agents and helping pilgrims in Pakistan and globally to perform Umrah with ease and comfort. Our Umrah Packages are designed as such that follows all Saudi Umrah regulations and our pilgrims don’t have to face any issues throughout their pilgrimage.

However, Saudi Arabia is preparing and working to open up gradually with more pilgrims and eventually open for all.

Who can go for Umrah in 2021?

There is a certain age restrictions. Pilgrims between the ages of 18 and up to 50 years old are said to be eligible to apply for Umrah visa and can travel to Saudi Arabia, following all guide lines as stated by the government regulatory department. Moreover get guide and support from your agent.

Do you need a PCR Test? 

It’s mandatory before you board. It’s a must to get a PCR test issued max 72 hours prior to landing in Saudi Arabia. Get yourself tested from the authorized test centers and whose certificates are acceptable and verified. Such tests cost about $50 or above.Don’t forget to get a Fit to Fly Certificate as well.

Quarantine is required for Pilgrims travelling to Saudi Arabia for Umrah

It’s an obligation to stay in quarantine and make sure your agent books a package with a three day quarantine period in your hotel with full board meals. The package should also include your transportation facility and will be scheduled as such that it takes you from the airport to your hotel and then Makkah and Medinah.

Group size for Umrah pilgrims and age restrictions

For Umrah maximum group size is 25-50 people with certain age restrictions and a separate lead on ground for each group is provided.Beside there are many other obligations that’s to be followed which involves logistics and more.

Fixed dates to perform umrah

Since the application is done online, one cannot cancel or change dates. Therefore it’s important to make sure that everything is accurate else you cannot cancel or change your booking for Umrah package in short notice. 24hrs prior to the travelling make sure that your agent enter your names and details into an online Umrah App. Any mistakes can cause issues during travelling and since pandemic the Umrah ministry is very strict about rules and SOPs.

Booking slots for Masjid Al Nabawi and Al Haram 

Make sure that your agent registers your intention on the EatmarnaApp about your visit dates. Since it is a requirement to follow Sops and you can visit as per time slot allotted.

Are there any country wise restrictions?

Currently, there doesn’t seem to be any specific country restrictions but it depends on the situation around the globe and since its becoming worse in UK asit’s most likely effected and under severe lockdown; some countries are restricted as per situation and time.So there is nothing specific about country restrictions and limitations. However, the change in the situation and severity of the Covid-19 cases in any country largely impacts its quota for Umrah pilgrims.

It’s better to stay updated and get the current information on Umrah regulations and policies before applying for Umrah Visa and Umrah Package 2021.

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