Places where Dua is accepted During Hajj -

Places Where Dua Is Accepted During Hajj & Umrah

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Places Where Dua Is Accepted During Hajj & Umrah

The whole Mecca is Holy and the Blessings of Allah showers everywhere in Mecca and Medina but there are some places where Dua, the supplication towards Allah specifically accepted. Mostly of these places  are situated in Masjid ul Haraam. These places are here with the reference of famous book Ahsan-ul-Wi’a li Adab-id–Dua so that the pilgrims should make supplication with awareness, attention and great dedication.

  1. Mataf:

Mataf is the place where pilgrims order to complete their seven rounds around the Holy Kaaba. This area in Masjid ul Haraam is very blessed and supplication are accepted here.

Mataf - Al-Khair

  1. Inside the Holy Kaaba:

The most blessed part of Haram is the inside of Holy Kaaba. People cannot approach to there because the gate of Holy Kaaba is open twice or thrice in a year only for cleaning by the King itself.

inside kaaba - Al-Khair

  1. Multazim:

Multazim is the name of one of the four sides of Kaaba where people go for confessing of their sins in front of Allah and ask for forgiveness.

Mulatzim - Sacred Places - Al-Khair

  1. Mizab e Rehmat:

It is the just like a pipeline from the Roof of Kaaba from where the water of rain and washing dropout, Pilgrims face the Mizab e Rehmat and supplicates as narrated in Hajj or Umrah guide.

Mizab e rehmat - Sacred Places - Al-Khair

  1. Hatwim (Hateem):

According to Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) Hatwim is considered as the inner part of Kaaba, one who offers two rakaat Salah in hatwim (hateem) is like to offer Salah inside the Holy Kaaba. It is the place where supplication is accepted.

hateem - Al-Khair

  1. Rukn e Yamani:

Rukn e Yamani is the one side of Kaaba, the supplication accepted here especially when pilgrim passes through this wall during Tawaf.

Rukne Yamani - Al-Khair

  1. Maqam e Ibrahim:

It is the order of Allah in the Holy Quran that Muslims offer the Salah behind the Maqam e Ibrahim, and it Sunnah to offer two Rakaat after the completion of Tawaf and ask for the Blessings of Allah.

Maqam E Ibrahimi - al-Khair

  1. Near Zam Zam well:

Nowadays it is totally impossible to supplicate near the zam zam well as the government closed the well for the general public. Pipelines are spread under the ground to supply the zam zam Water to all over the Haram.

Zam Zam Well

  1. Safa and Marwah:

Safa and Marwah are two small hills near to Kaaba now in Masjid ul Haram, these both hills are sacred hills because of the belonging to Hazrat Ismail (A.S) and His mother Bibi Hajra (R.A).

safa marwa - Al-Khair

  1. Arafat:

Arafat is the ground where every pilgrim must be present at 9th of Zul Hujja in Hajj. In this ground, supplicates are accept especially the place where Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) stayed.

Arafat - Al-Khair

  1. Mina:

Mina is another Holy ground where people ask for forgiveness especially in Hajj days.

Mina - Al-Khair

  1. Muzdalifah:

Stay in Muzdalifah is the part of Hajj and it is a very important place for Dua during Hajj days.

Muzdalifah - Al-Khair

  1. Glance at Kaaba:

According to Imam Abu Hanifa immediate and first sight at Holy Kaaba is the time when supplicates are accepted.


  1. Masjid un Nabawi :

Masjid un Nabawi, also known as the Mosque of Prophet where Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) spent 10 years of His life and after the Death, His Shrine is also there.

masjid un nabawi

  1. Sacred Places in Masjid un Nabawi:

There are many important places in the Majid e Nabawi where dua is accepted like near the Mimbar e Rasool, Blessed Pillars, and Golden Grille.

Sacred Places Makkah & Madinah - Al-Khair

  1. Masjid e Quba:

It is the first mosque of Islam where the blessings of two rakaat is equal to the blessing of Umrah

Masjid e Quba -Al-Khair

  1. Masjid e Fatah:

In this mosque Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) supplicate himself during Ahzab war (Gazwa e Ahzab), it is advisable to go here for Dua between Zohar till Assar on Wednesday.


Masjid e Fatah - Al-Khair


  1. Mount Uhud:

The mountain Uhud will be entered in Heaven, according to Prophet (P.B.U.H). Pilgrims visit this mountain and praise the efforts of martyrs of Uhud war and supplicate for them and themselves.

Mount Ahud Madina - Al-khair

Let Al-Khair be your companion for above mention all the Holy places as our aim is to provide you a relaxed and comfortable journey to fulfill your Holy duty.

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