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Travel Comfort with Al-Khair

Travel Comfort with Al-Khair

Hajj is the journey of sacrifice and patiencewhere the pilgrims are away from home to present themselves physically and spiritually in front of their creator. Al-Khair provides comfort and ease to pilgrims, so that they can perform their Holy duty effectively.

Al-khair provides comfortable accommodation to the guests of Allah, as they offer and indulge more in prayers and Holy supplications throughout the day. We provide luxurious 5 star and 4 star hotel rooms including ROYAL AL-EIMAN, ANWAR AL-MEDINAH MOVENPICK, ABRAJ AL-BAIT TOWERS and specially The CLOCK TOWER (Zam Zam Towers) in Mecca, from where you can view the Masjid ul Haram and the most worth full sight of your life that you can view the Roof of Holy Ka’ba from your room’s window.

The comfort and ease is not only provided in Mecca Medina but as well as Mina and Arafat. Al-khair provides you with air-conditioned transportation and the best food in Mina, also tea and some drinks and juices during 5 days of Hajj. Al-Khair provides Mina Maktab in Category-A from where Jamarat is not too far and will give some comfort to your foot.

Experience the real difference in comfort and ease while you travel to different destinations in Mecca and Medina with Al-khair.

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