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Manasik of Hajj (Hajj Rituals)

Manasik of Hajj (Hajj Rituals)

All the pilgrims must know the Manasik of Hajj as they perform one of the main Rukn (pillar) of Islam. Al-Khair provides and guides you with these principles and Rituals of Hajj with their renowned scholars of Pakistan. Here we briefly explain the Manasik Of Hajj which will help you to perform your Holy duty effectively.

  1. Intention for Hajj

After wearing the Ehram Pilgrim should make the following intention on 8th of Zul-Hajjah or before it.


O Allah! I make the intention of Hajj, make it easy for me and accept it from me. Help me in offering it and make it blessed for me. I have made the intention for Hajj and have worn its Ihram for the sake of Allah.

  1. Recitation Of Talbiyah:
  • After making the intention it is essential (Wajib) to recite Talbiyah loudly at least once; uttering it thrice is preferable. Labbaik is as follows:

Rituals of Hajj - Al-Khair hajj

  1. Departure for Mina on 8th Zul-Hajjah:
  • If possible, go to the journey of Mina, ‘Arafat and Muzdalifah etc. on foot as 70 million good deeds will be written for your every step till you return to Mecca.
  • You have to offer five prayers (from sala-tul-Zuhr of 8thZul-Hajjah to Sala-tul-Fajr of 9th Zul-Hajjah) in Mina as the Holy Prophet also did the same as the Ritual of Hajj.
  1. Leaving for Arafat on 9th Zul-_ajjah
  • On 9th Zul-Hajjah, after offering Fajr Prayers, keep reciting Talbiyah, Zikr and supplications until the sun rises and appears on the mount Sabir which is situated opposite Masjid Khaif. Now, proceed towards Arafat with a thudding heart. Further, leaving Mina Sharif, recite it’s Dua once.
  • In ‘Arafat the Salah of Zuhr and Asr are offered in combination during Zuhr timings but there are certain conditions for it. You have to offer Zuhr Prayers in Zuhr timings and Asr Prayers in Asr timings with the congregation in your camp. Whole day pilgrims recite different Surah and Supplication for seeking the blessings of Allah.
  • Remember! The Pilgrim does not have to offer Maghrib Salah in the field of Arafat; instead, Maghrib and Isha Prayers will be offered in combination in Muzdalifah in the timing of Isha.  Pilgrims should remember these Manasik of Hajj especially.
  1. Departure for Muzdalifah:
  • When it is sure that the sun has set completely, move from Arafat Sharif to Muzdalifah. Keep reciting Zikr, Durud and Labbaik all the way. In Arafat, the rights of Allah were forgiven, forgiveness for the rights of people is promised here, in Muzdalifah).
  1. Method of Offering Maghrib and Isha Prayers in Combination:

Here (in Muzdalifah), you have to offer both Salah’s with single Azan and single Iqamat. Therefore, after Azan and Iqamat, first offer three Fard Rak’at of Maghrib, then, immediately after performing the Salam of Maghrib, offer Fard Rak’at of Isha. Thereafter, offer Sunna of Maghrib and then offer Sunna and Witr of Isha.

  1. Stay in Muzdalifah:

Spending night in Muzdalifah (One of the Mansik of Hajj) is a Sunnat-e-Muakkadah but stay over there is Wajib. The stipulated time for a stay at Muzdalifah is from Subh_-e-Sadiq (dawn) up to the sunrise.

  1. Rami of 10th Zul-Hajjah (First Rami):

On returning to Mina from Muzdalifah, come towards Jamra-tul-‘Aqabah (Big Satan). At 10th Zul-Hajjah, grits (small stones) will be hurled at only one Satan (the big one).

  1. Sacrifice (Qurbani) of Hajj:

After hurling grits at the big Satan on 10th Zul-Hajjah, come to the slaughter area and perform Qurbani (sacrifice of the animal). This Qurbani is Wajib to all Pilgrims.

  1. Rami of 11th and 12th of Zul-Hajjah:

On 11th and 12th of Zul-Hajjah, grits (small stones) are to be hurled at all the three Satan after the commencement of Zuhr timings; first, hurl grits at Jamra-tul-Oula (Small Satan), then Jamra-tul-Wusa (Middle Satan) and then Jamra-tul-‘Aqabah (Big Satan).

  1. Tawaf-uz-Ziyarah:
  • Tawaf-uz-Ziyarah is the second pillar of Hajj and considers as the main ritual of Hajj.
  • It is preferable to perform Tawaf-uz-Ziyarah on 10th of Zul-Hajjah. If it cannot be performed on 10th, it can be performed on 11th or 12th as well but it must be performed before the sunset of 12th.

Congratulations, your Hajj is completed and now you are free from your Holy Obligation. For Video tutorial of Hajj Manasik in Urdu language click below

For Video Hajj Manasik and Umrah Tutorial  

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