Best Ramadan Umrah Packages-Hajj & Umrah Packages 2016

Best Ramadan Umrah Packages

Best Ramadan Umrah Packages

Ramadan is the Holy month for Muslims and all the Muslims offer prayers to their utmost.Become the guest of ALLAH (S.W.T) in the month of Ramadan, performing  Umrah  in Ramadan with Al-Khair ‘s best Ramadan Umrah Packages you will be guided and supported with best of Umrah services  to make it a  life time moment. Imagine a Sheri in front of Bab e Kaaba and If tar in Masjid un Nabvi. Ramadan Umrah has its own significance as our beloved Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) said

“Umrah in Ramadan is equal (in Reward) to a pilgrimage with me.”                                                       [Reported by Al-Bukhari]

So Al-Khair introduces the packages for Umrah in Ramadan. Al-Khair provides best Ramadan Umrah packages, offers best Umrah service to you in Mecca & Medina and cater to  your basic need, so you can concentrate on your prayers and feel your soul relaxed. Al-Khair Ramadan Umrah packages includes 5 star and 4 star accommodation and Air conditioned transportation services throughout the journey. Our Umrah Guide book helps you in performing Umrah according to Islamic Teaching. Al-Khair Ramadan Umrah packages includes the Ziaraat of Medina and Mecca. These places will tell you about the rich history of Muslims.

Offer your prayers and perform Umrah in Ramadan with Al-Khair. Select the best Ramadan Umrah packages which is suitable for you and spent the Holy Month at Holy Places. Let Al-Khair be your acquaintance for your Ramadan Umrah travel, where we ensure that you attain the spirituality and peace toward your Ibaadat instead of engaging your precious  time in arrangements.

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