My Name is HINA UMAIR and I am one of those privileged pilgrims who performed hajj in 2023 with Al. Khair. Embarking on a journey of Hajj with Al-Khair Travel Agency was a seamless lifetime experience that words can hardly do justice to. From the moment we set foot in Mecca, we were enveloped in an atmosphere of unparalleled spirituality and serenity. The agency’s meticulous planning and dedicated staff ensured that every aspect of our pilgrimage, from accommodation to transportation and guidance, was flawlessly executed. We felt truly blessed to perform the sacred rituals with ease and comfort, allowing us to focus entirely on our spiritual journey. Al-Khair Travel Agency’s commitment to serving pilgrims and providing a seamless Hajj experience was evident in every detail, making it a once-in-a-lifetime journey we will forever cherish.

  It all begin with my cousin’s initiative who joined us for dinner early Feb 2023 and asked us to join her for Hajj pilgrimage.  To begin with, we started searching for different Hajj travel agents in Karachi and also spoke to a few with reference to my friends and family members, However, I came across an Ad on Facebook about Al.Khair and randomly called and asked them about their packages and services. They were very friendly and as always tried their best to advise me and propose different packages and plans.  With few of my past experience of travel with other Travel agency, I was not able to trust their words initially. Later I decided to visit them with my cousin to check and understand what they have proposed and suggested.

After, lots of survey and talks with other agents on the same we finally opted for Al.khair as our hajj partner. We were promised to be given the best of services in Makkah, Medina, Azizia, Mina, Arafat and more.

Very excited and in verge to start this holy journey soon. Finally, we got in hand our tickets and other details.  Saudi Airlines was booked as per our package and we were asked to reach airport. Our expedition of Hajj begins. The team Al.khair were all readily available to assist us at airport, from baggage assistance to boarding and seats they seemed to be there escorting us at every step. We finally landed Jeddah and the team took care of our luggage while they tagged each. We were so much relaxed as how they labeled each bag and took care of it that made us relieved that we need not to worry any further. We were settled in a bus with other pilgrims. The bus was far more luxurious than we imagined, it was a true travel luxury. We were given accommodation in Madina hotel near haram, Anwar Al Madinah Mövenpick as it was one of our choice of hotel. We rested, had amazing meal and the very next day prepared to perform our first Umrah.  Makkah was amazing and so were the services of Al.khair. All the rituals of Umrah were performed with ease and comfort as the team members assisted us at every step. Even we had scholars on board for any questions and queries. After Umrah we headed back to hotel, we performed ziarats and offered prayers too in Masjid-e-Nabawi. After few days we were shifted to Makkah where we stayed in Swiss Hotel near haram. All meals were served timely and other rituals were duly performed with complete ease and comfort. Haram was walking distance and we were able to pray often in Masjid-ul-haram and walk in for Tawaaf.  We also did ziarats and visited few sacred sites in Makkah.

As the hajj days were approaching we were shifted to Rafya Hotel Azizia; a true luxury. The rooms were given as per the choice of our package. Meals were like a ziafat.  In Mina Tents were closest to Jamaraat. We stayed in tents but it was nothing less than a five-star tent with complete amenities. Arafat tents and meals left us speechless. Words can’t define the comfort we have experienced throughout the hajj journey. So well-crafted and planned.

From their rooms, to bathrooms, meals, transportation and everything was just more than a perfect affair. We earlier assumed to be getting best of services, but we can’t define the words how their hospitality has captivated our hearts and left a remarkable memory of this significant pilgrimage Hajj.

I am so glad that I and my cousin made a right choice by selecting Al.Khair as our Hajj Travel Agent. Thanking Allah for this blessed journey and team Al.Khair for their generous hospitality.

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