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Hajj 2016

Hajj 2016

The most awaited event for Muslims around the globe and of course Pakistan is Hajj 2016 policy announcement and Hajj 2016 packages info.

As per government Hajj policy thousands of Muslims should plan and prepare to get ready with the necessary obligations and requirements, like passport validity, photographs, Nadra verified National identity card, medical certificate and most of all the amount payable for the same as per their respective category. To fulfill the need at their earliest, Muslims seems eager and fully prepared in advance and Al-Khair Hajj services provide all necessary guidelines and information about Hajj 2016 updates and policy to every customer to ease their worries in fulfilling the same.

Hajj policy 2016 is still not announced by the Government and we would be pleased to help each individual as soon as the policy and other relevant information is received.

Al-khair is serving the pilgrims all over Karachi region with their unique and custom Hajj packages which will include upcoming Hajj 2016 economy packages, Hajj 2016 luxury packages, Hajj 2016 5star packages, Hajj 2016 4star packages, Hajj 2016 3star packages, Hajj 2016 2star packages and more.

With an ease to fulfill the basic requirements and assist the pilgrims to perform Hajj 2016 with ease, Al-Khair with their 24/7 team and customer service department will be providing all the necessary assistance and guide in terms of Hajj Visa, Hajj fares, travel dates, custom Hajj packages , Hotels and accommodation near Kaaba in Mecca, Ziarat guide, exclusive service at Mina and Arafat, transportation during Hajj 2016, Food and other facility as per requirement of the pilgrim and more in accordance to the Hajj policy 2016 announced.

Let Al-Khair be your travel partner for this year Hajj 2016

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