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What are the benefits of Zamzam Water?

What are the benefits of Zamzam Water?

Zamzam water is the “Holy water” in Islam. A common “souvenir” Muslims carry with them after returning from Umrah or Hajj pilgrimage as a sacred gift for their near and dear ones.

The water is drawn from the well of Zamzam which is located in the Masjid al-Haram in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

The well of Zamzam is supplying water to millions since 2000 BC. There are many health benefits that have drawn attention of many scientists and researchers and the miraculous water has been the reason to cure numerous diseases.

Zamzam water is drawn from the holy well which is located in Masjid al-Haram in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. It is just 20 meters away from the Ka’aba. Each year millions of Muslim pilgrims visit the well during the journey for Hajj or Umrah and get benefits while they drink Zamzam water.

Importance of Zamzam water in Islam

In Islam the significance of Zamzam water dates back to the era of Prophet Ibrahim and his infant son, Prophet Ismail. According to historical Islamic text, Ibrahim left his wife, Hajara and his son Ismail at a spot in the desert as directed and instructed by Allah. Hajara, when saw his son crying in thirst, desperately started looking for water in heat and dust.

She couldn’t find any traces of water in this barren desert and thus ran seven times back and forth between the hills of Safa and Marwah. As the little Ismail couldn’t control his thirst he was getting thirstier, Ismail began scraping the land with his feet when water suddenly sprang out in that place. Hajra saw this and called out loud Zam Zam; means stop stop.

Since it was a miracle and since then till today Zamzam water is considered a holy and sacred gift from Allah. Moreover, the reserve of Zamzam water never depleted over decades. In fact, it’s considered to be the blessed holy water which is the source to cure many diseases and provides numerous health benefits.

Structure and Hydrogeology of the Well

The Zamzam well is about 30.5 m deep, hand-excavated with an internal diameter ranging from 1.08 to 2.66 m. The well is protected by glass panels and the original one is now housed in a basement room. No visitors are allowed, only dignitaries can visit. To draw water from the well, Electric pumps are used. Cold Zamzam water dispensing containers are placed in Masjid ul Haram that provides water for drinking purposes.

Benefits of Zamzam water

There is NO Comparison with Natural Drinking Water and Bottled Water with ZAMZAM WATER

1. Good Source of Fluids

Zamzam water contains high levels of fluoride and has claimed to be the purest form of water reservoir so far. Studies show that Zam Zam water contains appropriate amounts of bicarbonate which is even higher and better than found in water from the French Alps Mountains in Europe. Zamzam water is free of germs and bacteria; stated by Dr Yahya Koshak after he conducted several tests using ultraviolet technology.

  1. ZamZam Water Naturally Enhances Cells & Metabolism
    Zamzam water is not only a source of fulfilling thirst and quench but also a proven source of body nourishment. A research conducted by a German scientist Dr Knut Pfeiffer shows how the water nourishes the cells in our bodies and increases energy levels at the same time.

The water contains high levels of magnesium and calcium too. It helps to decrease fatigue and depression levels. Drinking Zamzam water is also recommended and encouraged among pregnant women to avoid the risk of fatigue and anxiety during their pregnancy. Reports also show how Zamzam water has reportedly enhanced the body’s metabolism in human bodies.

  1. Healthy Teeth & Bones
    Dairy products are said to be the main source of Calcium, however ZamZam water is very rich in Calcium and offers many health benefits. Zamzam water also includes low levels of fluorine Keeping teeth and bones healthy and specially balancing the calcium level in humans and moreover in pregnant females. Healthy calcium levels also prevents premature bone and vaginal discharge.

Zamzam Water Helps to Cure Several other Diseases
The results suggest that Zamzam water provides a defense against several diseases, such as nephrogenic problems, congenital cataracts, diabetes, and helps in stimulation of Reproductive Systems. Zamzam water has unique properties to fight cancers and has a strong anti-inflammatory effect too.

A lot of research have been done on Zamzam water. Its proven source to fight against various human ailments. It has the perfect balanced mineral and nutritional composition any water could have. No doubt its blessed holy water and Muslims all over the world benefit while they come to perform Umrah and Hajj in Mecca.

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