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Our story

Reema Khan Super Star

Assalam o alikum, I am Reema Khan, traveling from the United States to embark on my second Hajj. The experience has been nothing short of extraordinary. Performing this sacred pilgrimage with Al Khair has elevated it to a truly wonderful and meaningful journey. I wholeheartedly recommend to everyone contemplating this beautiful endeavor to choose Al.Khair as your companion. Their commitment to ensuring a spiritually enriching pilgrimage is unparalleled. Thank you.

Warm regards, Reema Khan

Umair Ahmed

Assalam o alikum, I am Umair Ahmed travel experience during Hajj with Al.Khair travel agency was truly remarkable. From the moment I booked my pilgrimage with them, My hajj pilgrimage was truly a sense of comfort and assurance. The agency's team was incredibly organized and made sure that every aspect of the journey, from visa processing to accommodation and transportation, was seamless. During our time in Mecca and Medina, their knowledgeable guides and scholars provided invaluable insights and support. The accommodations were premium luxury and the logistics were well-managed, allowing me to focus on my religious duties. No words for the meals, each day was a treat on its own. Overall, my Hajj journey with Al.Khair travel agency was a deeply spiritual and hassle-free experience, and I am immensely grateful for their expertise and dedication in making this sacred journey possible.

Regards, Umair Ahmed

Munir Ashraf

August 2023

Hello, my name is Munir Ashraf. My travel experience during Hajj with Al.Khair Travel Agency was truly unforgettable. From the moment I booked my journey to the moment I returned home, their exceptional services and attention to detail made the pilgrimage a spiritually enriching and comfortable experience. The agency took care of all the logistics, including transportation, accommodation, and meals and much more. Their scholars helped with valuable insights into the significance of each ritual, making the entire Hajj experience even more meaningful. The group I was with were amazing people and thus a bond was created which I would value for a lifetime. I am grateful for the opportunity to have embarked on hajj with their support.

Regards, Munir Ashraf

Sana Hakim

A seamless and spiritually fulfilling Hajj experience with Al.Khair. I would cherish each day spent at different destinations and rituals performed with so much comfort that words can’t describe the experience of this sacred pilgrimage holding back unforgettable memories. I am truly blessed that I performed Hajj and Al.Khair team members made it special for me and my family, Thank you Al.khair team members, may you continue serving with such dedication always.

Regards, Sana Hakim

Fauzia Aftab

Firstly, thank you Allah for having me selected for hajj pilgrimage. My travel experience during Hajj with Al.Khair travel agency was great. Outstanding and extraordinary services in Mina, Azizia, Arafat, visa process, airport support, luggage handling. The hotels and rooms were amazing. Meals and all food was just more than our expectations. They helped my family with private transportation upon request. Truly thankful for everything and would love to travel again with you soon Inshallah.

Regards, Fauzia Aftab


I am Waseem, and it has been my privilege to embark on the sacred journey of Hajj with my beloved family. Everything was well organized. Our coordinator, ensured that every aspect of our pilgrimage was streamlined and hassle-free. The journey from Makkah to Madinah was seamless, thanks to the planning and support of the Al Khair team. I wholeheartedly recommend Al Khair to anyone considering the sacred pilgrimage of Hajj.

Regards, Waseem

Nida Umair

Assalam o alikum, I am Nida Umair, and I must express that my Hajj experience with Al.Khair was nothing short of exceptional. Every coordinator involved in the process, from the beginning to the end, demonstrated the utmost professionalism and dedication. Throughout our pilgrimage, we were provided with amazing facilities and support. The Al.Khair team left no stone unturned in ensuring that every aspect of our Hajj journey was well taken care of. I wholeheartedly endorse Al.Khair to anyone considering embarking on this sacred journey. Their commitment to excellence truly sets them apart, making them the ideal companion for spiritually fulfilling Hajj experience.

Regards, Nida Umair

Wajiha & Saad

As'salam0alikum, we travelled from Dubai with Al.khair. Our Hajj experience with Al.Khair was nothing short of phenomenal. They went above and beyond to provide us with the best facilities, allowing us to solely focus on our Ibadah. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Affan, Osama Razi, and the entire team at Al.Khair. They treated us with such warmth and care, making us feel like a part of their family. We are genuinely delighted that we chose Al.Khair for this sacred journey.

Regards, Wajiha and Saad

Saima & Shakoor

My travel experience during Hajj with Al-Khair Travel Agency was a life-changing experience. From the moment I and my husband embarked on this sacred pilgrimage, the agency's team ensured a smooth and hassle-free experience for every pilgrim on board. We were always guided well about each rituals and historical significance of each location as we travelled to different sites in Makkah and Madina. The accommodations and the transportation arrangements were excellent. The food was a real luxury and we felt so much blessed to enjoy such feasts each day. This journey deepened my faith, allowed me to connect with people from diverse backgrounds, and left me with cherished memories that I will carry with me for a lifetime. I am immensely grateful to Al-Khair Travel Agency.

Regards, Saima and Shakoor

Mehmood Akhtar & Family

We live in London. My family are immensely grateful for their services. Our experience during Hajj is unforgettable. Would highly recommend Al.Khair to everyone who wishes to go for Hajj. They planned everything so well that from the day we left from London airport till we departed back for our country they ensured our smooth transition at each destination. Perfect attention to every detail and the dedication of the agency's staff during Hajj was amazing. Alhamd o lillah, performed rituals of Hajj with complete devotion and our overall experience was seamless and enriching one.

Regards, Mehmood Akhtar & family

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